to Mar 20




As 1 of the 50, you are cordially invited to the album launch of DEADSET's self titled new album.


The event will be held at London's Metropolitan Wharf, with all its glorious night time Canary wharf views...


We've laid on the following for you: a Hawksmoor BBQ, Meantime Beer, Pernod Ricard spirits and Sommelier's Choice wines, as we'll as some amazing live music, if we do say so ourselves.


Arrive at the venue by 8, with your copy of the DEADESET / Promo CD, and you'll receive two wrist bands that allow access to the gig, the food, and

the drink, all with our thanks for listening.


250+ people will be attending, who don't make up the 50, so please come down as soon as you can to make good use of the facilities...

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